Cat stuck in Dorset tree for three days attacks rescuer

A community-arranged, 40ft-high rescue operation was not enough to win the affections of this highly strung feline.

Tree surgeon Joseph Lines came to Sarah the cat's rescue after she had been stuck in a tree for three days - only to be attacked for his efforts.

The rescue was organised by a community radio station over social media when no one could get to Sarah, who was 40ft (12m) high in the tree in Creekmoor, Dorset.

Mr Lines said: "She tried jumping out of my hand so I had to grab her quite full on. She bit me and dug her claws into my arms, chest, belly - everywhere.

"She just needed rescuing - she was starving and thirsty, particularly because of the recent hot weather.

"When I got her down the cat went for a big glug of water."