Royal Papworth Hospital proposal by man who spent Christmas alone

A 24-year-old man who spent Christmas alone in intensive care was able to propose to his girlfriend thanks to the help of medical staff.

Jordan Simon, from March in Cambridgeshire, had been generally well since a heart transplant eight years ago, but had to go back in to hospital with kidney problems on 22 December.

Most hospital visits are suspended because of coronavirus, but Beth Dodge, 21, was allowed in to the Royal Papworth in Cambridge due to the "exceptional circumstance".

Mr Simon proposed, and she accepted, in front of his mum and watched online by their families. He plans to leave hospital soon after receiving treatment and the couple hope to tie the knot next year.

"Obviously I'd have liked it to be a bit more romantic, but, to be honest, the way it played out, it was just so lovely," said Mr Simon.