The women blamed for their miscarriages
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Women blamed for miscarriages call for understanding

Three women have spoken of the upset caused by those who blame them for their miscarriages.

They spoke to BBC Asian Network on the understanding their real names would not be used, with one recalling how unmarried women were advised to shun her in case pregnancy difficulties were "passed on".

Another called for more understanding about a subject she said was "taboo" in South Asian communities.

The women are from these communities in the West Midlands and an infertility specialist said such attitudes were familiar.

Dr Geetha Venkhat, from Harley Street Fertility Clinic, said: "The blame [for miscarriage] is usually put on [the woman]. Some people believe it's supernatural, maybe it’s a curse, but scientifically none of this makes any sense.

"We have to educate people in our community."

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  • 24 Nov 2016