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Karting: Diversity 'not visible' in grassroots motorsport

The father of a teenage kart racer has said motorsport needs to do more to attract people from diverse backgrounds.

"If you go to any other sport, you will find diversity a lot more. But for this, the visibility is still not there," Shami Shanmugaval, from Milton Keynes, said. "The sport has not reached the most important place, which is schools,"

His 13-year-old son Shravan added: "I'm very inspired by Lewis Hamilton. The way he conquered all of his challenges. He's just about to win his seventh world title and I think that's absolutely remarkable."

Hamilton recently set up a commission to look into what causes a lack of diversity, while Formula 1 announced a task force aimed at "identifying and systematically eliminating barriers to entry from grassroots karting to Formula 1."