Coronavirus: 'Vulnerable' Bedford man self-isolates due to risks

A man with various health conditions says he is self-isolating for the foreseeable future to stop the chance of contracting coronavirus.

Colin Talbot, from Bedford, told the BBC he had made the decision to stay at home for his own safety.

"I'm well in the frame for somebody who potentially could die from getting coronavirus," said Mr Talbot, who is semi-retired.

"Age - I am 67. Diabetes - I've got type 2. Heart disease and lung disease - I've got both of those."

Mr Talbot lives with his wife and two children, but said if the virus did come into the house he would remain in an isolated part of it.

Dr Amir Khan, a GP, said Mr Talbot was "quite sensible" due to his conditions, but said people who have questions should refer to NHS 111 services.