24 Hours in Police Custody: CCTV shows Azaan Kaleem murder

A mother said she hoped footage showing the "indescribable" moment she arrived at the scene of her teenage son's fatal stabbing will help tackle knife crime.

Azaan Kaleem, 18, was with his girlfriend in Luton in March 2018 when he was fatally injured by strangers.

Four men have been convicted over his death, with the case due to feature on Channel 4's 24 Hours in Police Custody.

Roseann Taylor, Azaan’s mother, said: "It’s important to me that people watch this footage and realise how quickly a situation can escalate, as well as realising the consequences where weapons are involved.

"So many people have been impacted by what happened to Azaan and I hope that nobody else has to go through what we have been through."