Did British soldier spare Hitler's life in WWI?

Inside Out examines the claim that a British soldier, Warwickshire Pte Henry Tandey, spared Hitler's life in World War One when he could have killed him.

Presenter Trish Adudu talks to Robin Taylor from the Leamington Blue Plaque Committee who believes the story is plausible, but not proven.

He says that Hitler claimed he was wounded on the Western Front and recalled that a British soldier pointed his gun at him and then deliberately did not fire.

Roger Chapman, former curator of the Green Howards Museum, also thinks there is some evidence the story could be true.

But, historian and author of a book on Pte Tandey's life, David Johnson, thinks the evidence suggests the story is an urban myth.

Inside Out looks at the evidence on both sides and asks if Pte Tandey was the man who spared Hitler's life when he was wounded.

Credits: Archive footage is copyright and courtesy of British Pathé. Stills are courtesy of the Green Howards Museum, PA Images and Tony Gordon.

Inside Out is broadcast on BBC One West Midlands on Monday 3, March and nationwide for seven days thereafter on the iPlayer.

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