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'Dirty tactics' used by London parking wardens

Inside Out meets the London parking wardens who say they issue unfair tickets to innocent motorists.

Last year the programme revealed two councils, Ealing and Camden, where some wardens claimed contracts had been issued with illegal ticket targets, a claim denied by both councils.

Inside Out's Keith Doyle investigates claims that three more London boroughs are allegedly using ticket targets - Lambeth, Bromley and Hackney.

In response, Lambeth Council says it does not have a ticket target and quotes a figure for guidance only. Bromley Council also denies it sets targets for parking enforcement income.

Hackney Council says it sets no targets for the issue of penalty charge notices, nor gives the contractor any incentives for its officers to issue more tickets than they feel necessary.

Inside Out speaks to a traffic warden in a different borough who reveals how some tickets are 'creatively constructed' to meet targets.

The programme also speaks to campaigners against mobile enforcement camera cars, which they say encourage traffic wardens to issue more and more fines.

The Minister for Local Government, Brandon Lewis, told Inside Out that his department would investigate the legality of the contracts.

Inside Out London is broadcast on Monday, 27 January on BBC One at 19:30 GMT and nationwide on the iPlayer for seven days thereafter.