The film within a film that tries to save lives

'I Made This For You' is a film about a group of friends trying to stop a suicide.

Actor and director Cristian Solimeno cast some of his own friends in the film, which is now available to view at and More4.

One of those 'actors' was Billy Yates. He plays a friend of the lead character, trying to persuade him not to take his own life.

Tragically, weeks after the finished project was screened for the first time Billy took his own life. The film is now dedicated to him.

Cristian hopes the film will inspire viewers to make their own creative offering for anyone they think may be in need. "It could be a mix-tape, or a cake," he says, "just to keep looking outwards and out for each other".

He's hoping photos of these gifts will then be posted at #imadethisforyou #imadethisforyoumovement.

Help and sources of support for anyone affected by issues in this video can be found at at the BBC Action Line.

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