BAME doctors more likely to be investigated than white ones

Nine years ago, a patient died under the care of surgeon David Sellu. He was jailed but his conviction was quashed on appeal.

Mr Sellu believes his race had an impact on how his case was handled, and he has raised concerns about how the General Medical Council (GMC) treats black and ethnic minority doctors.

Figures obtained by a BBC Freedom of Information request suggest the GMC is more likely to investigate complaints against BAME doctors than those who are white.

Black and Asian doctors make up around a third of the workforce in the UK but are over-represented in fitness to practice cases.

The GMC said: "We know employers are more likely to refer BAME doctors than white doctors to the GMC. We want to understand why, and have commissioned independent experts to carry out a major piece of research into those disproportionate referrals."

Reporter: Amara Elahi