Sexist language 'part of everyday life', says teenage pupil

This video contains very strong language.

A secondary school has introduced classes for students to learn about the effect of using misogynistic language, or language which is prejudiced against women.

BBC 5 live was given exclusive access to speak to young people at Nottingham Free School, with permission from both parents and teachers.

The school was so worried about the language students are exposed to, it set up the special classes to address it.

One pupil said, "I hear it so often now it just doesn't actually bother me, it's just part of everyday life, just a normal word."

Teacher Severine Wilken feels other schools need to follow their lead, "we're only educating a very small part of the Nottingham population, so pupils feel open enough to discuss a range of issues, but in particular also the girls feel confident to say 'you know what, actually that's offended me'."

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