Self-exclusion scheme in betting shops flawed

The Gambling Commission is to investigate the findings of a BBC 5 live report which found flaws in a scheme designed to help problem gamblers.

Addicted gamblers can sign up to be self-excluded from betting shops near where they live, work and socialise, to help reduce or stop their gambling habit.

BBC reporter Rob Cave put this scheme to the test, by self-excluding himself from 21 betting shops in Grimsby. He then went undercover, visiting them all to see if he was recognised.

Rob was able to place bets in 16 shops before he was finally recognised and asked to leave. Rob says: "It begs the question - is a piece of paper with a name and a photograph on it, enough of a solution to help those who want to stop gambling when the fun stops."

In a statement, The Association of Bookmakers said: "We accept that the current self-exclusion scheme is not without flaws however we are continually developing improved systems."

This clip is taken from 5 live Investigates on 17 December 2017. Have you got something you want investigating? We want to hear from you. Email us.

Filmed & edited by Kirsty Macaulay.

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