'My Muslim family fostered kids from different faiths'

The Children's Commissioner is to investigate reports regarding the alleged treatment of a Christian child fostered by Muslim parents.

The Times newspaper reported the five-year-old girl was told to remove her crucifix necklace and encouraged to learn Arabic.

But Tower Hamlets council in London said there were inaccuracies in the reporting.

“For example, the child is in fact fostered by an English speaking family of mixed race in this temporary placement.

“We would like to give more details but we are legally restricted to do so."

Esmat Jeraj comes from a Muslim family who have been fostering children for more than 25 years.

Speaking to Nomia Iqbal on Asian Network's Big Debate, she said she thought the story got more attention because the language in question was Arabic and said she fears this story will put Muslim parents off fostering.