Why are these gloves causing a stir?
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Jon Sopel's gloves: How they appeared as if by magic

BBC North America editor Jon Sopel has revealed the mystery behind a "glove trick" that left viewers confused.

Reporting from Washington on President Trump for Friday's News at Ten, Sopel showed an ungloved hand as he spoke. But a moment later, he was wearing a pair of brown gloves.

The Sun newspaper described the move as "magical" and one viewer tweeted: "does @BBCJonSopel moonlight as a sleight of hand magician in his spare time!?"

But Sopel said he had briefly slipped his glove off so he could unlock his mobile phone using fingerprint recognition.

"I would love people to think I'm a magician," he said.

"What happened is that I needed to pull out a quote from Trump - I realised my phone had gone off and took my glove off to quickly activate it."

There was a small lectern out of shot where he could place his glove and put it back on later, explained Sopel.

"The fact is it was bloody cold in Washington," he said.

  • 28 Jan 2017