Patient films ‘chaos’ in local A&E ward over New Year

A patient at a hospital has given the BBC a video he filmed showing “chaos” in an A&E department, including people waiting in beds in corridors.

Mick Johnson captured the scenes when visiting the Royal Blackburn Hospital over New Year.

He says the sight that greeted him looked like something out of a war zone - with corridors full of people waiting in beds and paramedics unable to leave their patients.

He told Emma Barnett on 5 live Daily: "It was absolute chaos. I'm 44 years old and I have never experienced anything like it."

The Royal Blackburn hospital replied saying: "The situation in our A&E department that was filmed by Mr Johnson was a reflection of A&E that week across the whole country.

"Like these other departments, we saw and treated most patients in a way that they have appreciated, and our staff has gone above and beyond which we thank them for."