Football abuse victim: Telling mum 'broke her heart'

A football abuse victim has told BBC 5 live of the "heart-breaking" moment he finally revealed his ordeal to his 82-year-old mother.

Paul Collins, who played briefly for Charlton Athletic, was groomed by former Chelsea scout Eddie Heath with free boots and holidays, after Heath found out Paul’s father was dead.

The trauma Paul suffered led to him quitting the game early into his career.

Paul told Adrian Chiles that he kept the secret from his family for more than three decades, until three weeks ago, when his wife Adriane recognised Heath's picture on the television. It led to him telling his wife everything. He then decided to let his 82-year-old mother know too, so she didn’t hear it from others.

“I wanted her to know, but I done it in such a nice way. I said, 'Look Mum, there's nothing you could've done’… It broke her heart. It broke her heart.”