Vlogger 'initiated sexual activity with me'
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Vlogger 'initiated underage sexual activity with me'

A leading children's charity has warned that "blurred boundaries" between prominent YouTube stars and their viewers can put young people at risk.

Emily Cherry, of the NSPCC, said YouTubers had a "responsibility" to make sure relationships with young fans were appropriate.

In 2014, Ania Magliano-Wright published a video in which she alleged a YouTube video-maker known as VeeOneEye - real name Jason - had had sex with her when she was 15.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live, she said she had offered Jason a place to stay after a fan and creator meet-up in London.

Ania says she did go to the police with her allegations but decided not to press charges.

Jason declined to be interviewed by the BBC but said: "I like the topic for your piece and it is something that does need to be talked about."

He also published an online apology to Ania blaming his strict religious upbringing for his actions.

In the video, which was uploaded in 2014, Jason says: "I thought it'd be fun to get some drinks because we didn't have much in common and it was awkward.

"At that moment, that was the only way I knew how to socialise - by drinking.

"She never approached me as a fan. To me we were just two YouTubers who wanted to hang out.

"It seems she thought my intentions were to become friends and then have sex. It wasn't.

"Most people make mistakes when they're growing up with sex and alcohol.

"This was me making mistakes and growing up, but at the wrong age.

"I want to say sorry to Ania and anyone else that I've hurt and anybody that's affected by this. I'm sorry."

If you have been affected by any issues in this article, the NSPCC has a helpline you can call on 0808 800 500 2.

  • 09 Oct 2016
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