Bomb expert: Risk pipe mines still buried under buildings

A former navy bomb disposal expert has warned that pipe mines, buried during WWII in airfields to prevent enemy invasion, could still be under buildings in Britain.

Many of the old airfields in East and South East England have been sold with the mines remaining underground. However in the 1980s, the Ministry of Defence attempted to remove them with Operation Crabstick.

As a result, 227 pipe mines were cleared up by 1989, 65 were identified but not removed. It is unknown how many remain.

David Welch, whose company was involved in the demolition of two pipe mines, told 5 live Investigates that although people “should be concerned”, the pipe mines were deeply buried and unlikely to go off.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said: “If the MOD does not own the land in question, it is unable to comment however, as always, Royal Naval, Army and Royal Air Force explosives ordnance disposal teams remain prepared to support the police in the safe rendering of any suspected explosive material should anyone find it."