Chris Mosdall
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Undercover reporter finds greyhounds 'drugged to rig bets'

An undercover investigation by Panorama has found evidence of greyhounds being drugged in order to fix races. The findings have led to calls for changes to how the sport is regulated.

Trainer Chris Mosdall sold a dog to the undercover reporter and admitted he doped dogs despite knowing the risks to their health.

He has now been suspended by the Great Britain Greyhound Board while awaiting a disciplinary investigation.

Mr Mosdall later said that he regretted the admissions he had made to the undercover journalist and said that he had only been trying to convince him that he could give his dog an advantage.

He added that he treated his dogs with love and care and that he would never do anything to harm them.

The owners of the dogs being looked after by Mr Mosdall said they did not know their dogs had been drugged.

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  • 03 Nov 2014
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