Islamic State: Young British Muslims debate Caliphate

When the extremist group widely known as Isis (now renamed Islamic State) declared a Caliphate taking in parts of Syria and Iraq, they reignited a debate over the issue.

The Ottoman Empire was the last widely recognised Caliphate and most of those in the West have only the faintest, if any, idea of what the word means.

But for some Muslims it is what they are waiting for, whether they back Islamic State or not - a state to restore a sense of dignity that many feel has been lost.

BBC Asian Network reporter Catrin Nye gathered young British Muslims from different sects of Islam to hear about their views on the concept of a Caliphate and what it means to them.

You can listen to Catrin's full radio documentary, Caliphate: Searching for the Islamic State on Thursday 14 August at 17:00 BST on BBC Asian Network, from Saturday 17 August on BBC World Service, or listen online now.

Camera: Dave O'Neill, Richard Kenny, Athar Ahmad. Editing: Dave O'Neill. Producer: Athar Ahmad.

BBC News