A six foot piece of wing hangs from the plane
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'Frightening' moment wing part became detached mid-flight

A plane passenger has described the "frightening" moment a six foot piece of wing became detached from their plane mid-flight.

The CityJet flight to Florence, which had more than 60 people on board, circled the Thames Estuary before landing again at London City Airport.

Telegraph journalist Cole Moreton, who was on board, told BBC Radio 5 live's Drive he heard "a rushing sound and a bang" during takeoff, before spotting the wing piece "flapping in the wind."

A CityJet spokesperson said they would investigate the incident but insisted that the crew followed standard procedure and the aircraft made a normal approach and landing. Passengers were re-directed onto another aircraft and departed with a two-hour delay.

  • 16 May 2014
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