BBC secret filming of a Ketamine dealer
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Black market ketamine dealer caught on camera in India

A review into the horse tranquilliser ketamine by the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs is to say that recreational use of the drug appears to be a growing problem.

Although it is not calling for ketamine to be reclassified, the committee is suggesting that the drug is wrongly classified as being less harmful than ecstasy and cannabis.

Ketamine is now the fourth most popular recreational drug in the UK. India is thought to be one of the main sources of the drug.

The Indian authorities have been trying to clamp down on illicit sales of the drug, a BBC investigation has found that Ketamine is still available on the country's black market.

The BBC's Chris Buckler travelled to India to meet a pharmaceutical dealer, who offered to sell him ketamine on the black market.

Watch the BBC's secret filming which reveals what happened.

  • 20 Jul 2011
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