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Could Li-Fi be the new Wi-Fi?

Professor Harald Haas coined the term Li-Fi in 2011. The technology uses ordinary LED room lights to transmit data around the house.

The disadvantage of traditional Wi-Fi routers is that multiple devices in a space can interfere with each other. Li-Fi however can use multiple lights in a room without interference.

As connected devices become more popular it is predicted that Wi-Fi networks will not be able to cope with demand.

Li-Fi enables devices to use their in-built stand by LED lights to transmit data.

As LED lights become more popular, multiple companies are looking into using Li-Fi including, Disney Research and the Berlin-based, Fraunhofer Institute.

BBC Click's Talia Franco spoke to Prof Harald Haas, the original inventor of Li-Fi.

More at and @BBCClick.

  • 12 Oct 2015
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