VR gamer headset 'tackles motion sickness'

Oculus VR founder Brendan Iribe says the company has overcome motion sickness with Virtual Reality.

He says even sensitive individuals like him are able to play games with the Rift VR headset for several hours on end.

The Facebook-owned company showed off its final Rift virtual reality (VR) headset alongside its "Touch controllers" at the E3 games show in Los Angeles.

The handheld controllers let users manipulate their virtual hands to interact with their environment and other users in virtual worlds.

The Rift headset will be available early next year. Its price has not been revealed, but it will need to be tethered with a cable to a gaming PC. Sony says its rival VR headset, Project Morpheus, will cost "several hundred dollar".

North America technology correspondent Richard Taylor was one of the first to try out the final build of the device, and the controllers.