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Twitch - where 60 million gamers watch other gamers

Twitch is little short of a phenomenon - now a household name for videogamers.

The site attracts 60 million enthusiasts each month to watch live and on-demand streams of other players' efforts.

In the three years since it was born as an offshoot of the general video-streaming site, it has also become the de facto home for e-sports competitions in the US.

It now consumes more primetime internet traffic in the US than any other website except YouTube and Netflix.

And recently its fortunes appeared to be cemented when Amazon snapped it up for $970m (£585m) consolidating the retail giant's move into the gaming arena.

But what will the acquisition mean for Twitch and its gaming culture? Some fans worry it will lose its liberal, freewheeling heritage.

Those fears were magnified last week as the site said it would take action to suspend Twitch streamers who broadcast partially or fully nude.

The BBC's North America tech correspondent Richard Taylor tracked the lifestyle of one Twitch devotee - and spoke to its co-founder, Emmett Shear.

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