Still from Fove demo video, showing reflection of an astronaut in a human eye
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Japanese start-up demonstrates VR eye-tracking helmet

Over the past few years there has been increased interest in gaze-tracking technology - where a computer can detect and track where your eyes are looking and focussing, and respond accordingly.

Japanese start-up Fove has developed a consumer eye-tracking helmet for use in virtual reality environments.

This would allow gamers to line up their target using their eyes, as well as helping the game understand how to present the graphics in 3D space and simulate how our eyes perceive focus in the real world.

The company says that its solution would help alleviate 'simulation sickness', which is a feature of current VR systems. They present graphics sharply, as they do not know where a player's eyes are focussed.

Richard Taylor spoke to Fove's technical director, Lochlainn Wilson to find out more.

You can follow Richard on Twitter @RichTaylorBBC.

  • 17 Oct 2014
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