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A high-tech solution to eliminate acne

Spots. We have all had them and we all hate them.

Particularly when we are in those delicate teenage years when discovering a zit on the end of your nose can feel like the end of the world (or at least the end of your chances at the school disco).

One start-up thinks it has something that can help. Scan Z, created by dermatology advice firm MySkin, is a device that uses light to analyse skin, taking in various clues about the state of a person's face.

That information is then fed into a smartphone app, which its designers say will give an accurate estimate of whether a person is likely to get a spot - and once they do, how long it will be around for.

From here, advice is given on the best treatments.

The BBC's technology reporter Dave Lee - complete with his own spot - tried out the technology, which comes with a hefty $249 price tag.

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