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Webscape: Music to match your mood

Kate Russell's weekly review of the best apps and websites.

Have you ever forgotten what you did today? Placeme is a free smartphone app that uses GPS and wi-fi to make a map of everywhere you go, working in the background logging your mobile life so you can retrace your footsteps whenever you like.

As well as knowing where you go computers are pretty good at figuring out what you like with just a keyword or two to work from. Stereomood capitalises on this technology to create a playlist to reflect your mood - just tell it how you feel.

You might hear a lot of talk about viruses and malware, but how are you supposed to know whether your protection is up to scratch without putting yourself in harm's way? Head over to the Anti-Malware Testing Standards website to test your defences in a safe environment.

When you are done shoring up your security it is time to have your mind blown by this simple animated timeline of time that puts our insignificant little lifetimes into perspective.

Google owned Panoramio, a site that showcases millions of geo-location tagged photos from an enthusiastic community of amateur and professional snappers, got a big revamp this week, with a focus on enhancing the visuals as you browse through these stunning vistas.

Back to school this week for lots of you and NoRedInk wants to help you get to the head of the class with a simple web app to improve grammar. Students fill in the blanks in sentences relating to everyday life, such as celebrity, friends and hobbies, hopefully making learning more relevant and interesting. Teachers can register for a class code to track all of their students' progress.

UK viewers who take pride in their neighbourhood can now do their bit to keep the streets looking smart with the help of FixMyStreet, where you can easily report any issues you spot in your area - like graffiti, fly tipping, potholes and broken paving slabs or faulty street lights. The charity run site is free to use and will pass your reports on to the relevant council department to be fixed.

Watch more clips on the Click website. If you are in the UK you can watch the whole programme on BBC iPlayer.

  • 06 Sep 2013
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