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Webscape: Protection from phishing attacks

Kate Russell's weekly review of the best apps and websites.

Anti-key-logging software like KeyScrambler from QFX Software can protect users from phishing emails and malicious websites that deploy key logging software to mine your personal details.

Storymaker is a Blackberry 10 app which turn smartphone photo albums into beautiful animated slideshows with just a couple of taps.

The Button Affair is a side-scrolling run, jump and roll adventure for PC or Mac made in the style of Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s.

Thanks to a new iPhone app, Disney Action, you can star in your own animated clip alongside Mr Incredible, Sully from Monster Inc, or Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Google paid almost $1bn for crowdsourced mapping company Waze in June. We are now beginning to see some results with key features being shared this week.

Redesigned and re-launched this week, Owl is a site that helps UK citizens find and join their local Neighbourhood Watch group.

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