'There's no-one that can replace your dad'
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Father's day: These black dads share their experiences

This group of dads are opening up about the challenges of parenting, when separated from the mother of your child.

Priscilla Appeaning, who runs The Stepmums Club an online and offline platform that aims to improve relationships within blended families, has brought this group of men from London together, who she knows through friends, to ask them questions that she's gathered from the birth mums and step-mums who follow her account.

"This stigma about black men not being there for their children is a thing of the past," says Aaron when talking about negative stereotypes about black fathers.

This is a chance to hear from the dads about how it feels to be 'the man in the middle' in a blended family.

Filmed and edited by: Dave O'Neill

Additional filming: Alice Wright and Ammar Ebrahim

Executive Producer: Natalie Truswell

Commissioning Editor: Kimberley Rowell

  • 20 Jun 2020
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