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Dealing with emotions: Borderline personality disorder

Intense and overwhelming emotions, 'so agonising, it feels like being electrocuted'. This is how Rosie describes life with borderline personality disorder.

BPD is extremely complex to diagnose and is recognised as one of the most stigmatised mental health diagnoses' out there.

Whilst NICE state that 'people with BPD use mental health services at higher rates than people from other mental health diagnostic groups', accessing a long-term treatment plan for BPD can be a lengthy wait.

That's why Rosie turned to social media. This is her story.

Further help and support is available, details can be found at BBC Action Line.

Video Journalist: Benita Barden

Filmed by: James Stewart & Alice Wright

Edit Producer: Ed Emsley

Graphic: Naomi Goddard

Senior Broadcast Journalist: Bryony Hopkins

Commissioning Editor: Kimberley Rowell