Online child sexual abuse: I couldn't stop looking
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Online child sexual abuse: Don't do what I did

After spending time on adult chat sites, a stranger sent "Ben" a file that contained indecent images of children. He looked at all the images but didn't call the police because he didn't want to "get into trouble".

A year later he was arrested and was later prosecuted. He served a seven month prison sentence.

It is illegal to go online and look for child sexual abuse material. It's also illegal if you view, download or share the material with someone else.

It was recommended "Ben" speak to The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity that offers support and advice to people in his situation. They work towards changing the habits of offenders to help protect children and young people.

Further help and support is available, details can be found at BBC Action Line.

Produced and edited by Jamie Ryan

Series Producer: Anisa Subedar

Commissioning Editor: Kimberley Rowell

  • 19 Dec 2019