Cure my OCD: ‘I thought I’d killed someone’

Connor, 27, films his every move to make sure he hasn't harmed anyone. It's just one of the compulsions he goes through due to his obsessive compulsive disorder - a mental health condition he has suffered from his entire life.

His distressing obsessions, otherwise known as intrusive thoughts, can lead him to believe he's hurt or killed someone - something he experiences all day, every day.

Having tried endless therapies he'd nearly given up hope of recovery, but believes he has one last chance to overcome his mental illness - an innovative new treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. But it costs.

Produced/directed by: Alex Gatenby

Filmed/edited by: Jemma Cox

Commissioning Editor: Kimberley Rowell

If you need support with mental health, help and support is available. Information can be found at BBC Action Line .