‘It’s scary to see your mum handcuffed and taken away’
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Women prisoners: Are children unfairly punished by mum's sentence?

Two daughters open up to their mums about what it is like when they were in prison.

Kiera has recently been reunited with mum Hayley, after years apart while Hayley was serving short sentences.

Meanwhile, Issy has kept a relationship going with Lilly due to regular day release during her eight year sentence.

Lilly now works with the Centre for Criminal Appeals on their Women's Justice Initiative, which says too many women are in prison unnecessarily.

A parliamentary inquiry is currently looking into the effect imprisoning mums has on their families, and whether short sentences could be replaced by something else.

Director Producer: Harriet Jones

Filming: Harriet Jones and Jemma Cox

Executive Producer: Natalie Truswell

  • 11 May 2019
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