Sent home from school because my afro hair is 'too big'
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Sent home from school because my afro hair is 'too big'

Ruby Williams,18, was repeatedly sent home from school because of the size of her hair while she was sitting her GCSEs.

She was told it was "too big" and violated The Urswick School in east London's uniform policy, which said: "Afro style hair must be of reasonable size and length."

Ruby has now received an £8,500 out-of-court settlement, with the school not accepting any liability.

The school's governing body says the school "recognises and celebrates diversity at every opportunity".

"The governing body is hugely distressed if any child or family feels we have discriminated against them," it told Radio 1 Newsbeat in a statement, adding: "We do not accept that the school has discriminated, even unintentionally, against any individual or group."

Reporter and video editor: Kameron Virk

Filmed by De'Graft Mensah

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  • 10 Feb 2020