No-deal Brexit: The most-googled questions
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No-deal Brexit: The five questions everyone is googling

People have been talking about a no-deal Brexit for a while now, but it can still be hard to figure out exactly what that means.

We asked Google what the most popular questions about no deal were, and picked out five to answer.

Don't worry, we promise to keep it simple.

The top 10 were: What does no-deal Brexit mean? Is a no-deal Brexit still possible? What does a no-deal Brexit mean for UK? Is a no-deal Brexit legal? What are the consequences of no-deal Brexit? Why would a no-deal Brexit be catastrophic? Can parliament stop no-deal Brexit? How can parliament stop a no-deal Brexit? Why is a no-deal Brexit good? Does Boris Johnson want a no-deal Brexit?

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  • 01 Jun 2019