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Barnaby Barford has built a tower from 3,000 porcelain shops

As far as art works go, it must have been one of the most exhausting to make.

For the past two years, Barnaby Barford has been cycling around London, taking photographs of London's shops. At times he cycled over 50 miles a day.

The photos were then made into small porcelain ornaments which have been built into a 20ft-high (6.5m) tower.

The Tower of Babel, as Barford has called it, is on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London from Tuesday.

At the base of the tower are derelict shops and pound stores, while at the top sit the city's most exclusive stores.

All of the model shops are for sale, starting at £95 for those at the bottom, going up to £6,000 at the top.

Barnaby took BBC News out for a tour of some shops in Walthamstow, and showed how the tower was built in his studio.

Video Journalist: Dan Curtis

Barnaby Barford's Tower of Babel will be on display in the V&A's Medieval & Renaissance Galleries, from 8 September to 1 November. It is part of The London Design Festival (19 - 27 September 2015).

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