#BBCtrending: Nutella, Ricky Gervais, a dog-eating festival and more trends of the week

What do a British comic, Nutella and Tashkent's metro have in common? They all trended this week.

An annual dog-eating event in China was in the spotlight again this week as British comedian and noted animal-rights activist Ricky Gervais criticised the Yulin festival. And one of the world's most popular chocolate spreads trended after Segolene Royal, France's ecology minister, said people should stop eating it because of environmental concerns about one of its ingredients, palm oil. The makers of Nutella, Ferrero, didn't comment on the controversy, but politicians and even Greenpeace came out in defence of the spread.

What else made our list of some of the trends of the week that you may have missed? Watch the video above to find out.

Produced by Anisa Subeda, Henry Wilmer and Ravin Sampat

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