Training for independence on public transport

Most young people take getting themselves to and from school for granted. But many teenagers with learning disabilities have to work hard to if they want to travel independently.

Fifteen-year-old Sadat lives in London and has taken a special bus to school since he was very young. After his exams at the end of this year, Sadat wants to go to college to do a sports course, but there is no special bus to take him there. So he is now working with a trainer to learn to use public transport safely by himself.

Faye Angus, one of the travel trainers at the HCT Group, explains, "we meet the young person at their door and teach them how to pay for transport, how to stop a bus or board a tube safely". Over the course of six weeks the young person builds the confidence and skills to travel to and from school, the shops or their friends' houses by themselves.

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Video Journalist: Kate Monaghan

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