Child star with Down's syndrome returns to TV screens

Ruben Reuter is no stranger to the screen. In 2012 the 14-year-old starred in a CBBC documentary about three children with Down's syndrome, and then went on to present short films for Newsround about what life is like for young people with disabilities similar to his own.

But, from Friday 6 March, Ruben can be seen playing Finn, the first returning character with a learning disability, in popular CBBC show The Dumping Ground.

With filming taking place in Newcastle, over 120 miles (190km) from his home in Huddersfield, the young actor had to live away from his family. His mum, Kim, says she had initially been worried about how her son would cope. "It would be a big deal for any 14-year-old, but it's a bigger deal for one with Down's syndrome to live independently," she says.

With a chaperone, his own teacher and the other boys from the show to mess around with, it has all turned out well. "It's a bit good," says Ruben. "I don't miss my Mum and Dad. I do see them every weekend you know."

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Video Journalist: Kate Monaghan

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