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The art rescued from Nazi looters

The wealthy banking family - the Rothschilds - were famous in Europe for their extravagance and elaborate style of decorating.

When Hitler invaded Austria in 1938, his army plundered the mansions of the Austrian branch of the family - looting thousands of works of art.

While a bulk of the artwork was returned to the family after the war, Austrian law prohibited the export of a portion of the Nazi-looted art.

For decades, Rothschild family members worked to reclaim the items acquired by the Austrian government - and were successful when the law was reversed in the late 1990s.

Now a collection of the historic items is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

The collection was a gift of Bettina Burr, the granddaughter of Baron and Baroness Alphonse and Clarice de Rothschild of Vienna. We recently spoke to her about the exhibit.