Tackling rugby with one arm

Ten-year-old Ben Seward dreams of playing rugby league professionally for the Wigan Warriors. But, having been born with one arm, it's a dream he thought would be out of his reach.

Growing up in a rugby-mad family, Ben has been surrounded by the sport from an early age.

Despite his mum's fears about how he would cope playing alongside non-disabled teammates, Ben was determined to play.

"I was worried he wouldn't be able to do it," says his mum Carol. "And being protective I didn't want him to be let down by it."

But Ben quickly became part of the team. "He's one of our best players," says Tony Curtis, the coach of Ben's team, the Chorley Panthers.

And Ben is more determined than ever to play professionally when he grows up. "I don't think it will hold me back at all," he says.

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Video Journalist: Kate Monaghan

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