How do video and DVD rental stores still survive?

Once there was a video rental store on every high street. Then DVDs came along, making VHS video obsolete.

But it wasn't long before the rise of online film streaming put even DVD rental stores out of business.

In Bristol, 20th Century Flicks managed to stay open and now claims to have the largest VHS and DVD rental selection in the country.

They have 18,000 films. About 1,800 of these are on VHS cassettes, but most weeks only one or two of these are rented out.

Staff at the shop offer recommendations to visitors and make use, according to co-director David Taylor, of an "organic algorithm" to suggest films.

The store has built up 93,300 life members since it first opened in 1982.

BBC News went to meet the staff and customers among the towering piles of DVDs and VHS tapes.

Video Journalist: Tom Beal

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