BBC Pop Up: South Dakota's underground music scene

A rumble has been increasing in volume for the past few decades in South Dakota, disrupting American's perceptions of the midwestern state widely known for cattle ranches and desolate landscapes.

The music scene in Sioux Falls has been growing steadily, stuffing sweaty bars and underground venues with punk, heavy metal and rap groups made up of the city's teenagers and twenty-somethings.

"We very much have always tried to let the world known its not just farmers and folk music," says Wes Eisenhauer of the rap group Soulcrate.

Wyatt Bronc Barlett of the metal group Fantome says: "There's situations where it [South Dakota] limits you in terms of where you can play, but... the people who want to hear you are starving to hear you. Starving like you'd have no idea."

Filmed, edited and produced by Matt Danzico.

BBC Pop Up spent the month of December in South Dakota, filming stories suggested to them by local residents. Next, they'll travel to Tucson, Arizona. You can find out all about the aims of the Pop Up project and see all the videos from the first three months here. Check out Pop Up's behind-the-scenes blog to see how to get involved.