The parents who never expected to see their child in a nativity play

How do you put on a nativity with children who have severe and complex needs?

It is a difficult yet rewarding task taken up by many special schools around the country at this time of year.

"It's quite chaotic and can be quite demanding in the weeks leading up to the performance," says Stephen Kilgour, deputy head teacher of a special school in Southwark, London. "Trying to engage all of the children in the rehearsals and the performance is a challenge."

The pupils at the school have impairments ranging from autism to other lesser-known learning and physical disabilities.

One of them, eight-year-old Tyler has a chromosome disorder known as 1P36 Microdeletion Syndrome.

His mum, Kirsty, never imagined she would ever get to see her son performing on a stage.

"It means everything to me that these children don't miss out on these special occasions," she says. "It brings me to tears I'm so proud."

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Video Journalist: Kate Monaghan

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