Star Wars: The stormtrooper still storming, 38 years on

Laurie Goode was a professional musician who supplemented his income working as a film extra.

One spring day in 1976, a chance series of events changed his life.

Laurie received a phone call asking if he would be free for some work as an background artist on a science fiction movie that was being filmed in Elstree. He was called up because a friend of his had pulled out because of illness.

The film was Star Wars, and Laurie played a number of minor parts: as a Stormtrooper, as a Saurin, and as a pilot of an X-Wing fighter.

At the time, no one knew how successful the film was going to be.

But as its popularity grew, Goode and his fellow background artists found themselves in demand from autograph hunters and fans of the film alike.

Even now, 38 years on, he still makes appearances at conventions where fans buy his autograph and chat about his experiences on set.

BBC News went along to meet him.

Video journalist: Dan Curtis

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