Member of Peshmerger unit carrying gun
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Iraq police chief fights Islamic State militants

When Iraq's second city, Mosul, fell to Islamic State, the country's army also abandoned the city of Kirkuk. It was left in the hands of Kurdish security forces, known as the Peshmerga.

BBC World follows the town's police chief, Brig Gen Sarhad Qader, as he works to keep control of the region. He was appointed police chief in 2003 after the US-led invasion.

His role goes beyond the more traditional definition of policing, encompassing functions that would normally be assigned to soldiers or specialists.

Here he and his police unit reinforce a unit that is under attack from Islamic State militants - one of his men filmed the battle.

Firing grenades at Islamic State militants, he is closer to a battlefield commander than a police officer.

Watch The Policeman of Kirkuk on BBC World from 02:10 GMT on Saturday 11 October. For full list of timings look here.

  • 10 Oct 2014