#BBCtrending: Going Gaga for Scottish independence

After over 300 years together, is Scotland in a 'Bad Romance' with the rest of the UK?

That's what Lady Alba thinks. She's become popular on social media after her spoof video about Scotland's independence referendum went viral.

The video re-interprets Lady Gaga's song 'Bad Romance' to poke fun at supporters of a 'No' vote, who want Scotland to remain part of the UK. It has been viewed over 83 thousand times on YouTube.

Anne-Marie Tomchak caught up with Lady Alba during the making of her next video to find out how she's using social media to campaign for a Yes vote.

Produced by Neil Meads.

This is one of a series of BBC Trending reports featuring voices from each side of Scotland's independence referendum debate. Later in the week you can watch how Better Together supporters are using social media.

To hear how the debate is playing out on both sides, listen to the #BBCtrending radio show here.

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