Video-game revival: The arcade built with salvaged machines

There used to be a video-game arcade on every high street.

But in the last two decades as console gaming at home as grown, so the arcades have closed down.

However, arcade industry veteran Mark Starkey is on a one-man mission to save the arcade. He has rebuilt one from scratch in a remote industrial estate in Acton, west London. It is called The Heart of Gaming - though regulars nickname it "The Hog".

He sources and repairs old machines, many taken from arcades that have closed down. He does it because of his passion for "offline gaming", and the social interactions that go with it.

Unlike old arcades, he charges a one-off entrance fee, rather than follow the coin-op model. He also has dedicated spaces for console gaming, and clubs and tournaments meet there every week.

Video Journalist: Dougal Shaw

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