Soviet-era vacuum cleaner
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Iron curtain consumers

In the decades after World War Two it was not just Western society that welcomed the labour-saving age, Soviet families were encouraged to embrace colourful, quirky and modern designs too.

A new exhibition in London - at the Gallery for Russian Arts and Design - looks at the changing face of Soviet design in the 20th Century.

Take a look with the curators - Alexandra Chiriac and Elena Sudakova.

Work and Play Behind the Iron Curtain can be seen at the Gallery for Russian Arts and Design (GRAD), London, until 24 August 2014.

All images subject to copyright. Images courtesy GRAD/Moscow Design Museum, ZIL. Additional material courtesy AP, Alamy and Getty Images.

Music by The Beatles and KPM Music. Photofilm production by Paul Kerley.

  • 30 Jun 2014